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SME IPO & Listing 

In today's dynamic business landscape, SMEs are crucial drivers of economic growth and innovation. To empower them, Contacts and Contracts facilitates SMEs in accessing capital through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). We provide end-to-end solutions, supporting their journey towards becoming publicly listed entities. Our commitment extends to enhancing the technological prowess of Indian MSMEs, aligning them with global manufacturing standards.By bridging the gap between SMEs and capital markets, we enable them to access funds for growth and innovation. Our expertise in facilitating IPOs empowers SMEs to attract institutional and equity investors, ensuring quick access to capital.

This enables SMEs to invest in research, development and technology, offering superior quality products and optimizing costs through efficient supply chain solutions. Join us in realizing the potential of Indian SMEs on the global stage.


  • Initial Funding Sources: Startups often rely on founders, promoters, friends, family, and private investors for risk capital.
  • Growth Funding Needs: As businesses expand, operational cash flow requirements increase, necessitating additional funding.
  • Funding Options: Companies typically seek funds from private investors or banks, but these sources have limitations and varying costs.
  • Importance of IPOs: Many companies opt for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) due to the numerous benefits they offer.
  • Capital Infusion: IPOs enable companies to raise substantial capital to fuel expansion projects, develop new initiatives, build infrastructure, repay loans and provide exits for early investors.

Benefits of SME IPO & Listing

Contacts and Contracts facilitates SMEs in accessing capital through IPOs, empowering them to innovate and compete globally, thus advancing India towards self-reliance.

Access to Capital

SME IPOs offer significant capital infusion by attracting diverse investors, facilitating expansion, R&D and strategic ventures.

Enhanced Visibility and Credibility

Going public enhances visibility, credibility, and brand value, facilitating access to new customers, suppliers and partners.

Liquidity for Share Holders

SME IPOs provide liquidity for stakeholders, enabling them to exit, diversify and realize significant returns.

Growth Opportunities

IPOs offer SMEs capital, visibility and growth avenues fostering expansions, tech upgrades, global ventures, and strategic partnerships.